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About The Lab - ODL BRISTOL

About The Lab

Why ODL Bristol came to be…

 Jon Payne - ODL Founder

Jon Payne – Founder ODL Bristol

Back in 1999 when me and my mate Tim started a web design agency, we were considered anally retentive because we tested the websites we developed in Internet Explorer 3 & 4 and on screen resolutions of 640 x 480 and 800 x 600.

Fast forward 15 years and the sheer number of ways a website or application can be rendered on screen boggles the mind. There are so many phone shapes and sizes and all of these can have multiple browsers (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and sadly, Internet Explorer), they can display in landscape or portrait mode and users aren’t using a mouse, they’re using their fingers. Tablets support multi touch and pretty much everything is supposed to respond when you tilt it.

It’s difficult for developers and marketers to predict how their new website or app might look and the websites that claim to emulate how it will look are pretty much useless.

Fix usability issues with ODL Bristol

This is why we started the Open Device Lab (ODL), Bristol. Developers and marketers can come in and test their new websites and apps on multiple popular devices. No more on-line emulators. No more testing it on your phone and your partner’s when you get home.

ODL Bristol enables local developers to do a proper job.

ODL Bristol is sponsored by the digital marketing agency I work for; Noisy Little Monkey. They pay for the office, provide the staff, WiFi and tea and sympathy.

Bristol has a wonderful heritage in advertising and creative technology. Enabling clever people to do their jobs better means that Noisy Little Monkey plays a small part in turning that createch heritage into a legacy.

I do it because I’m anally retentive…