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FAQs about Open Device Lab Bristol


How much does it cost per session?

Nothing. Nada. Nowt. An Open Device Lab is by definition free to use. You don’t have to pay us a penny to use it! Some people bring in doughnuts though to say thanks, just sayin…

Can I book a longer session ?

Within reason, sure. But others may want to use the Open Device Lab at the same time as you, so we’ve divided it into segments of 1h30m to keep it fair.

If you need it for longer, book a session and as soon as you get confirmation, ask Josh (he’s over here) if you can have more time. He’ll do it if he can.

If he decides you’re coming in to slurp down tea and wolf all our gypsy creams, he’ll throw you out…

I can’t make it for the time I’ve booked. How do I let you know?

Tell Josh (contact details over here somewhere) – call 01173 270 171 if it’s urgent.

How accessible is ODL Bristol?

Unfortunately the Open Device Lab is not on the ground floor. There are 30 steps with handrails. While it’s not brilliant for wheelchair users, if you don’t mind Josh giving you a hand up the stairs, then it’s fine. If you need assistance, let Josh know when you book please, so we can make it all lovely for you.

Can anyone use ODL Bristol?

Yes. Anyone. Unless you’re planning to do bad stuff or have obvious affiliations with the Daily Mail.

Josh will decide what classes as ‘bad stuff’, his moral compass is pretty bang on.

Even Piers Morgan?

F*$% right off…

I’m not in Bristol. Where’s my nearest Open Device Lab?

Open Device Lab Bristol was the 100th to join this worldwide initiative. Find your local Open Device Lab here: